Masia: Is used to describe a country estate, a large farmhouse or a house where agricultural work is carried out. It is to be found in areas of Spain which formed part of the Kingdom of Aragon

Altet: Land elevation. Its origin is a diminutive of –ALT–, which means high in the Valencian language


The olive grove of Masia el Altet is located in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola and Font Roja Nature Reserves in the Alcoy mountains of Alicante province. It is more than 800 metres above sea level and the farm’s special microclimate gives our extra virgin olive oils some unique and unmistakable characteristics.

The farm is 30 Km, as the crow flies, from the Mediterranean Sea. The microclimate brings cold winters and mild summers, and the extreme continental climate is tempered by the gentle weather patterns of the Mediterranean.


The olive is a robust and vigorous tree, able to bear the most extreme weather conditions, from prolonged droughts to intense heat and cold. But, when all is said and done, it is still a cultivated species that requires human intervention in order to bring out the best in itself and, in a great show of generosity, deliver its finest fruit for the elaboration of extra virgin olive oil.

This is precisely what the olive trees of Masía el Altet have been doing since the seventeenth century, generation after generation, until Jorge Petit, their current owner, decided to put his faith in them and develop their well-deserved prominence.

And that decision was not the result of chance or whim. Far from it. It was a way of returning to his roots when, still a child, he chose to spend his summer holidays on an estate in the country with Aurelia, his maternal grandmother, while his parents and brothers preferred to cool down in the waters of the Mediterranean. As an adult, Jorge acquired the family property and since 2006, has taken on the task of producing the best olive oil in the world.


Since then the trees, ever obliging, have managed year after year to seduce the juries of the most prestigious international competitions.

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