High End

Masía el Altet’s High End is the best olive oil to experience completely new sensations. It is made 100% from the Picual variety. It is elegant and straightforward and with a great personality and as a consequence, will enhance the flavours of all your dishes.

What you notice on the nose are the smells of spring in the natural parks of la Sierra de Mariola and the Font Roja, in the interior of the province of Alicante. In Masía el Altet’s High End extra virgin olive oil, you will note the aromas of the vegetables of this season, such as green beans, alfalfa, tomato, apricot, green almonds, young barley, lettuce, medlar fruit, kiwi, strawberries and acorns from the Kermes oak.

In the mouth, this Masía el Altet High End extra virgin olive oil is very elegant and smooth and you will immediately notice the flavour of aromatic herbs and green fruits. Its persistence in the mouth is long-lasting. You will also note the balance between a bitter and spicy flavour, the persistence and balance which have led the most expert oil tasters to describe it as the best olive oil in its category.

The olives used to produce this oil come from olive trees situated at an altitude of more than 800 metres in clay loam soil and only 30 kilometres from the Mediterranean. They grow in a Mediterranean continental climate with very cold winters and warm summers. This information should not be forgotten if you wish to understand all the flavours you will pick up on with this extra virgin olive oil.

The Picual variety, also known as Marteño, Nevadillo or Lepreño is one of the most common and highly regarded in Spain. Its name ‘Picual’ is due to the fact that at the base of the fruit, there is a small tip or ‘pico’.

The tree on which the Picual grows is very strong, it has short branches and is very resistant to frost. For that reason, it is perfect for cultivating in this mountainous area of Alicante where the cold is intense during the winter months during which in some years, heavy snowfalls are recorded. It is also very resistant to periods of drought.

The Picual olive is average-sized or large and weighs about 3.2 grammes and capable of a high output once it has reached 27% of its weight.

The olives are always picked at the exact moment of ripening and then bottled in Masía el Altet using the most modern technology to keep their flavour intact. For all of these reasons we have before us the best olive oil, an EVOO highly regarded by the most discerning palates and by all those who are eager to savour flavours unique in the world, such as those offered by Masía el Altet.

This Masía el Altet High End extra virgin olive oil is presented in a 500ml bottle and together with High Quality, Special Selection and Premium, is one of the ones which has won most prizes in each and every one of the contests in which it has been presented. With no shadow of a doubt, we have before us one of the great olive oils produced by Masía el Altet and the best olive oil to indulge all the senses.