Masía el Altet pure olive oil is one of the most award-winning in the world.

Why? Because it is a blend with unique characteristics, a distinct and original hallmark in the world of olive oils. This pure olive oil is a very complex creation with a great personality and has won gourmets’ hearts all over the world.

Masía el Altet pure olive oil, in 500ml bottles, is made with 30% Changlot Real, a native variety, another 30% Picual and the remaining 40% from the Genovesa, Alfafarenca and Blanqueta varieties, the latter ones also being native to the mountains of Alicante.

In the mouth, you will notice a sweet but somewhat less dense entry than with our High Quality. You will enjoy the perception of grass and recently-cut alfalfa, that of wheat and spring barley. Its overtones continue with green fruits, aromatic herbs and the intense taste of tomato-tomato plant. And last but not least, take note of the final somewhat spicy taste due to the quality of the polyphenols in this pure olive oil.

On the nose, you will note a fruity, long-lasting bouquet. You will instantly notice the smell of freshly-cut grass as well as that of artichoke leaves and stalks. The bouquet is rounded off with touches of apple, a little citrus fruit, bananas and figs. You will also find the aromas of endive, chicory, rocket, tomato plant-tomato, unripe walnut husk and others of spontaneous secondary perception. And it goes without saying, aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary.

We want to insist upon the importance of that thyme and rosemary which grow wild and without restraint in the natural parks of the Font Roja and La Sierra de Mariola and which inundate with flavour the extra virgin olive oil produced in Masía el Altet, a property dating from the 16th century, which has been completely restored and is catalogued by the Valencian Government as deserving special architectural protection. As we have said before, the Font Roja and La Sierra de Mariola are two majestic natural parks, with an exuberant flora and fauna unique in the Mediterranean area.

They are situated in the mountainous area in the north of the province of Alicante, only 30 kilometres from the sea at an altitude of 800 metres. And it is this privileged area that you will find 14,000 olive trees responsible for producing this pure olive oil.

The area is obviously important, as are also the expert hands which pick every olive at its precise moment of ripening. Without rushing, patiently, resembling traditional customs. Each fruit is then taken to the Masía el Altet where it will undergo a process in which the most advanced technology on the market is used.

These are the secrets of an excellent olive oil. Nevertheless, all this effort would be in vain without the passion of the Petit family, a family enamoured of this area and of nature in general and committed to bringing you an excellent quality pure olive oil.