Special Selection

What are the reasons for buying the best olive oil brand? There are two main ones: for its flavour and for the benefits it has on your health. And extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly the one which will give your sensory organs most pleasure as well as being the healthiest. With these two elements in mind, we produce our Masía el Altet Special Selection, the best olive oil brand for your sensory organs and wellbeing.

This EVOO oil is complex, harmonious and balanced and with a great personality you will notice from the first drop.

On the nose, you will note from the very first moment, a bouquet of fennel but also of freshly-cut grass. Citrus fruits, such as orange, lemon and grapefruit, are also present. In this extra virgin olive oil, you will also find other aromas such as that of plantain, fig leaves, apple, peach and prune. All complemented with that of tendral green almonds, both in the bark and the early fruit and the tomato plant and green tomato.

In the mouth, you will immediately notice density, sweetness and balanced spicy and bitter touches in this EVOO. You will also notice the herbaceous notes previously described and others such as citrus fruits, plantain and other overtones of spontaneous secondary perception.

In order to produce the best olive oil brand, only the Changlot Real variety has been used and nothing else, a native Valencian olive which was discovered little more than a century ago in the Sierra de Enguera. The name is derived from the way in which it grows, similar to a bunch of grapes. It can also be found under the name of Racimal.

If you are looking for the best olive oil brand, you will obviously have to take into account the variety of olive which has been used in its elaboration. But there are also other factors which are of equal importance. We can point out that the olive is picked at the exact moment of ripening and that it will then be treated using the most advanced technology on the market. And that it will also be looked after with loving care by expert hands powered by passion to achieve a very high quality product.

Another factor to bear in mind is the setting. The olive trees that grow on the Masía el Altet estate do so at an altitude of more than 800 metres in La Sierra de Mariola and Font Roja natural parks, two environmental jewels of incalculable value which give life to the inland area in the north of the province of Alicante, a mountainous area scarcely 30 kilometres from the Mediterranean, which also has an influence on the character of this Special Selection.

Complexity, harmony, balance, meticulous harvesting, a natural setting beyond compare, the use of the best technology… These are some of the things which you should bear in mind if your intention is to put on your table and enjoy the best olive oil brand.