Extra virgin olive oil with a unique flavour

Not all olives ripen at the same time and the specialist’s observant eye is in charge of deciding the right moment to pick them, take them to the oil mill and begin the process of elaboration of the extra virgin olive oils that Masía el Altet puts on the market, controlling the exact quantity of polyphenols which, among many other characteristics, will make this extra virgin olive oil a healthy product. Taking a sip of this extra virgin olive oil is like taking medicine but one which is full of flavour.

These are four oils which stand out for their great complexity, for achieving unimaginable aromatic expressions, a real pleasure for the taste buds of the most demanding consumers, extra virgin olive oil used by the great chefs in Spain and around the world to give a finishing touch to their culinary creations. A delicatessen unique in the world.

And one very powerful reason among others for not finding another extra virgin olive oil with this taste is that it is produced from native varieties of olive. Sometimes, Picual, other times Changlot Real and on yet others, a blend of all to produce a surprising result which you could never have imagined. All these factors enable you to enjoy the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.